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Sweet Pea - Medium, Blue Aster and Pink Tulip Massager Attachments

  • Sweet Pea - Medium, Blue Aster and Pink Tulip Massager Attachments

Sweet Pea - Medium, Blue Aster and Pink Tulip Massager Attachments

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Sweet Pea - Medium Massager Attachment

When it comes to sex toys the Baby Sweet Pea is amazing. This is one of those magic wand attachments that really packs a punch. With its large number of thrill-u tips enclosed by a stunningly contoured base it moulds to the shape of your body brilliantly. 

The contoured design ensures that it is able to fit many different parts of the body such as the clitoris and nipples as well as the anus.

On the inside, the Baby Sweet Pea has a surface that consists of hundreds of firm tips which give off a tantalising and teasing experience which gets better the more aroused the user is. 

Length: 13 cm
Head Size: 4.5 cm
Material: TPR
Colour: Pink

Blue Aster Massager Attachment

For a heavenly experience the Blue Aster is a tantalising choice when it comes to magic wand attachments. This attachment offers complete pleasure and is beautifully contoured enabling it to target all the right areas.

The Blue Aster wand attachment really makes great use of all of its power, unleashing it in the right way to make you weak at the knees whilst stimulating your G-Spot. This attachment has only one aim and that is to provide a unique stimulating experience.

Blue Aster offers intense sensual pleasure, and thanks to its great shape and 8 cm shaft this finds the perfect place to deliver spine tingling sensations to the upper wall of the vagina. It also offers a continuous massage that is firm but arousing. 

Length: 14 cm
Head Size: 4.5 cm
Material: TPR
Colour: Blue

Pink Tulip Massager Attachment


For sexual pleasure, tension and teasing, Bedroom Buddies offers once again one of the best wand attachments available. This is an attachment that offers dual pleasure and it has an insertable end that hones in on the right areas whilst also stimulating the clitoris heightening stimulation and sexual arousal.

The vibrations from the wand massager comes in waves of sheer excitement which transmit through the attachment. This may be designed for the G-Spot but those of you who like to stray beyond the boundaries of conformity will soon find that this can offer the same stimulation when used on other erogenous areas of the body.

The Pink Tulip works extremely well at massaging the clitoris through the small tips located on the clitoral stimulator and they massage and electrify to the point of no return.  Switching the power to high on the wand massager will send the Pink Tulip into another zone of sexual arousal and it will take you to levels that that you may think were not possible.

Length: 13.5 cm
Head Size: 4.5 cm
Material: TPR
Colour: Pink

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